Setting Up Web Banners

With the premium feature „Web Banner,“ you can create banners for your website. The banner can be used for promotions, new products, newsletters, podcasts, and more. This could look like this:

This banner can be displayed on specific subpages of your website. These and other detailed settings can be found in the web push section, if it is activated for you.


With a click on „Add Web Banner“, you can see all seetings to create a webbanner.

You can give a name to the banner and set a status. If it’s set as a draft, you can create the banner without being displayed on your website. In the seetings you can add a background and choose a text colors, banner width, spacing, and alignment.

With clicking on „Edit Content“ you can editing the Web Banner content , customizing the sections, banners, text, images and buttons.

Trigger settings allow you to set a start and end date for the banner. You can define the frequency of display per user, and show the banner only to subscribers who have accepted the Opt-In.

The settings also allow for the inclusion or exclusion of specific paths. The banner can be set to appear after a certain duration or number of visits to the website. Additionally, an exit-intent popup can be configured to appear when the user intends to leave the website. Individual paths can be defined using vertical bars to include or exclude the banner on multiple paths like /sport|/dfb|/football.

With the css code: body.cleverpush-banner-open{overflow:auto !important;} you can allow that the scrolling during banner display on the website is working. You can add the code in the advanced settings.

After editing in the preview on the Web Banner settings, please note that the live preview may have a delay up to 30 minutes. Use the Incognito mode for a direct preview.


If you have questions or want to test the Web Banner function, feel free to reach out to us.

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