Advertising in Corona Times: What´s different now?

How much the pandemic has changed can hardly be summed up in one paragraph. But what is completely clear: in the Corona Times, advertising has also changed, in some cases radically. Perceptions are different, regarding to the advertising message itself, the product, the company and the (brand) image in general. What has changed in detail? […]

How much the pandemic has changed can hardly be summed up in one paragraph. But what is completely clear: in the Corona Times, advertising has also changed, in some cases radically. Perceptions are different, regarding to the advertising message itself, the product, the company and the (brand) image in general.
What has changed in detail? And is advertising still worthwhile in Corona Times?

What has happened in the advertising world since 2020?

In short: the entire communication has changed. Which also had to be quick and thorough. By the time of the first lockdown at the latest, the way people perceive advertising changed immediately. This was particularly felt by companies that had launched campaigns in the transition period, i.e. still in the “pre-Corona times”, which ran into the changed situation. What could be advertised with a boisterous party suddenly caused irritation. The scene was anything but appealing, the celebrants not sympathetic, but disconcerting. Suddenly the viewer saw nothing more than some kind of questionable superspreader event.

What are the Corona Times doing with the consumer climate?

Which winners but also losers the pandemic has produced, we have already covered in this (German Language)article . A study has meanwhile shown that clear and continued the winners are fashion and delivery services. Your position has also not affected the fact that there has been an easing these days. On the contrary, consumer mood has risen. And now that social contacts at work, family, friends, etc. are allowed again, fashion is more in demand.

Is advertising worthwhile for every industry in Corona Times?

The question may not be unwarranted. If you do not operate any of the segments that are currently in demand, attention may be lacking. The situation is also not stable. If the circumstances worsen again, consumer spending collapses again and all the effort was maybe only half as profitable as it should have been …

Advertising is always worthwhile

The reasons mentioned above are understandable. However, following them is not advisable. What makes advertising and marketing so important has not just stayed the same. The Corona Times have increased the importance:

Advertising makes your company visible

… or keep it visible. A bitter topic these days is that quite a few companies had to surrender before the crisis. A good campaign continues to show you as an active contact person and provider.

Your (especially new) products want to be seen

Draw attention to yourself – and ideally new offers right away – and remind customers as well as interested parties. You also arouse the curiosity of potential new customers. An advantage, just like in pre-Corona Times.

A good campaign makes the purchase decision easier

Regular communication with your target group makes the purchase decision easier. The Corona Times have blocked some decision. Maybe even made them forgotten. You can encourage trough advertising to buy, subscribe, etc.

This is what advertising should look like in Corona Times

A study by MediaAnalyzer has compiled how advertising is seen these days. Also counts, of course, how the crisis is personally managed. A kind of perceptual conflict emerges between the desired and the real, changed normality. These requirements for a good campaign can be derived from this feedback:

The Corona Times can be adressed – but not too much

The changed living conditions even have to at least pay in. Otherwise your communication will not appear authentic. But: be careful with mask photos. As much as they are everyday life – they are too much of everyday life. And now negatively tainted.
A single person with a mask, for example when shopping, is still unproblematic. Even two, by far, do not evoke negativity. Especially not if they exude a positive mood and zest for life. But there shouldn’t be more people, because the perception tips immediately. The masks immediately displace everything else, since they stand for hazard prevention and distance. And thus have an instant negative effect.
Exceptions : Joint sporting activities in the association or club. In this case, even several people who train together even without masks do not cause any reactance.

Humor can (carry on to) play a role

Simply put, the Corona times make it difficult enough. Your communication must therefore be positive and convey confidence. And it can be humorous. Take advantage of the fact that marketing is also entertaining for the audience.
Beware of shallow, loud humor. What aroused sympathy with the target group before the Corona era can now be quickly rejected as inappropriate.

Beware of high-priced goods and services

In fact, despite the improved consumer climate, a certain objectivity has become, one might say: modesty. Customers want to treat themselves to something and enjoy. It is no longer as much about impressing others as it was before the Corona times. On the contrary, those who do not consume sustainably but rather extravagantly now encounter particularly negative effects.
Therefore, it is better to showcase your products discreetly and creatively.

Serve the desire for the old normal

A lot of new things are beating down on consumers. Much and too much that they have to adjust to again and again. Find the counterbalance in your communication. Remember something beautiful and familiar from the times before the pandemic. Communicate that the less complicated world still exists. Maybe a bit with your product …

Avoid melancholy

Dark scenarios, (too) negative theming of the situation, etc. damage your campaign. Even if you have specifically built a positive twist into it. In Corona times, there is a great risk that only what was previously oppressive gets caught. Or the audience doesn’t even read / look / scroll up to the positive twist.

Look positively towards the future

This always suits you, but especially as a provider of sports, events or travel. Promise the target group that a “complete renovation” is possible with your offer. Your customers will regain their previous fitness, experience something uplifting with your event or recharge their batteries on one of your trips. Make it clear that a new start and a return to yourself is possible with your offer.

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