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More Success in Lead Generation

There is no question: lead generation involves a lot of effort. After all, it requires the willingness and voluntariness with which interested parties make their data available for further information and processes. So you have to act carefully if you want to reach the lead. But the effort is worthwhile. A satisfied lead often turnes […]

There is no question: lead generation involves a lot of effort. After all, it requires the willingness and voluntariness with which interested parties make their data available for further information and processes. So you have to act carefully if you want to reach the lead.
But the effort is worthwhile. A satisfied lead often turnes into a satisfied (new) customer.
Here we will show you how successful lead generation works. And how the lead can become the buyer.

Lead generation? What is a Lead anyway?

The term “lead generation” describes the targeted contacting – from a diligent customer search – between the provider and the interested party. The name “Lead” already shows the high value of this contact. It is clearly not just any arbitrary expression of interest. The potential customer has given the supplier his contact info – and therefore the permission, to send updates, etc.
Lead generation is considered a part of the customer journey. And in there as an important phase between taking notice and buying

What Data does the Lead transfer?

Depending on the industry and level (B2B or B2C), different information may be required to generate leads. Basically, however, the lead names:

  • First and last name(s)
  • Held position if necessary, sometimes with basic information about the company (pivotal on B2B level)
  • Postal address and telephone number
  • Email address
  • Social media presence (more B2B-area)

Are there qualitative Differences between the Leads?

In fact, a distinction is made between those valuable contacts. Because there are some true treasures among them:
MQL = Marketing Qualified Lead
The contact has given details in order to receive information and updates. This shown interest is valuable for further marketing measures. In very simplified term, you could speak of the pre-stage to the …
SQL = Sales Qualified Lead
These are the treasures. The potential buyer is ready to convert into an actual buyer. In this case the responsibilities are changing within the company. Now the sales department is in charge to conduct the customer into the buying process.

Useful Methods for successful Lead Generation

As already mentioned, the lead generation is sometimes tedious. The main reason behind this: in fact “the magical formular” simply does not exist. The costs and effort also vary accordingly.
But: more awareness, greater range, stronger sales and growth are the reward. Correspondingly, successful companies use quite a few resources to generate leads – it’s simply worth it.

1. Use the Potential of your Website

You are already using one of the most valuable tools for generating leads: your own site. You can boost lead generation – also monetization – by offering quality content here.
This is useful in B2C, even more – and especially- in B2B. Here you often need to convince several decision-makers. Establish yourself as a provider with real expertise on your side. Therefore establishing your own (specialist) blog is always a good investment.
Pay attention to the parameters of search engine optimization. If you appear under the top results in the organic search, this not only arouses the interest of completely new visitors. A high ranking also enjoys a seriousness bonus for guests who already know your name.

2. Create (simple!) Lead forms

“Lead readiness” is awakened. Too often, however, it experiences a damper because of difficult registration procedures. Therefore you should offer the interested party an as quick and easy lead form as possible. This is quite important, especially for the B2C area. Here, in particular, frequency and tonality is important as well. If the interested party is asked to register too quickly, too often or even too demanding, he leaps off.
So pay attention to …

  • Form placement (As Pop-Up? Embedded into the footer …?)
  • ask as few queries as possible (too many fields increase the churn rate, especially at B2C)
  • install an Progress indicator for multi-page lead forms
  • give Feedback in case of incorrect or missing information (e.g. through quickly recognizable fields with a red background)
  • explain the reasons for possibly sensitive queries (in a tooltip)
  • avoid captchas. (They have a rather annoying than motivating effect. This unnecessarily jeopardizes the entire lead generation process.)
  • of course, the requirements of the GDPR.


Timing is also decisive. Ask to register before downloading, participating in a raffle or access to test- or generally free access.

3. Use the Social Media Network

Social media has become a valuable channel to establish and maintain a corporate identity and, at first, to build up a network of sympathizers. This succeeds, especially in the B2C area, with Facebook & Co. At the B2C level accordingly via Xing or LinkedIn. Especially with the help of latter channels you have the opportunity to recommend yourself as an competent contact in your field. This works to convince the decision makers, as already mentioned above.
Attention: Social media is the channel that needs to be devoted the most time and care. Your reaction to feedback must be quick – and above all competent. Professional errors, for example, are exposed much faster here. And it can be difficult to correct them.
But as time-consuming as it is, it is also very worthwhile: Social media is certainly the most fertile channel for generating leads!

After the Lead Generation: How do MQL convert to SQL?

You created successfully a positive image, so the prospect has chosen your company and service for further information. Now you´re free to get the most out of this contact.
The classical way to persuade the lead to convert is definitely email marketing. It has undoubtedly proven itself and, if a viable campaign is set up, it is bearing the fruit.
However, there are also some disadvantages inherent in this. These can be weighted, so that the lead simply withdraws his registration. Or you are no longer be remembered because your email is intercepted by the spam folder. If it doesn’t sink into the flood of inboxes right away …

Our Recommendation

Push notifications are a good solution to counteract the weaknesses in email dispatch. You can reach the lead much more flexible, because your message appears on his mobile. Moreover this messages can be customized much better, especially regarding to the mailing times. Your opportunities go even up to personalized retargeting.
Of course, you don’t have to turn your back on email marketing, if this method always worked for you! We recommend expanding the communication channel. Simply combine email and push notifications.

Would you like more information and initial advice? Please talk to us, we will be happy to support you and your strategy!

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