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The team at DerWesten already has a lot of experience with traffic sources of all kinds, even push notifications have already been used in some apps.

Now browser push messages should be used for the portal.

User Acquisition

The confirmation message for the registration for the notifications will only appear on the Online News Portal after at least two page views have been made. This ensures that only interested users receive the message.

DerWesten Push Nachrichten Opt-In
Confirmation message at DerWesten.de

This leads to lower hosting rates because the users' interests have already been well filtered before. In addition, committed and interested subscribers are crucial for good click figures, which has the site in any case.


Through a selection of topic areas at the registration, the user can determine for himself which categories of the news portal he would like to be informed. For example, currently the topics "News", "BVB" and "Schalke" to disposal.

The West informs football fans several times a day about club-internal news of the respective topics.

Breaking news is sent via the News channel, where most subscribers are also registered. Due to their high relevance, users are also willing to click on important messages several times a day.

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