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  • Max. 3 Push notifications per week


The integration of push notifications is intended to create an additional traffic channel that binds users to the portal. Timed campaigns and follow-up routes are designed to provide users with targeted information and offers.

User Acquisition

The confirmation message for the registration for the notifications appears when you call the website directly. Elterngeld.de reaches between 500 and 2,000 new entries every day.

Elterngeld Push Nachrichten Opt-In
Confirmation message at Elterngeld.de


Elterngeld.de uses the campaign dispatch to all users, but also the follow-up campaign system. The users then receive different message links depending on the content used. Users who inform themselves about parental allowance receive different news than those who find out about baby sleep. This guarantees not only high interaction but also higher completion rates for product placement.

A maximum of 3 messages are sent to users per week to minimize staging rates and create a positive user experience.

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