Case study


How Jeans-Direct wins back many abandoned carts with push messages



A big problem in e-commerce are lost shopping baskets – potential customers whose interest has been aroused and who cancel the checkout process shortly before completing the purchase.

Online shop visitors are valuable, often very valuable. So a lot of effort should be put into getting visitors to buy. Push messages are a powerful tool for this.


The shopping cart abandonment notifications at Jeans Direct are kept relatively simple, but this is exactly what users appreciate.
The automated notification appears just 15 minutes after a customer has placed a product in the shopping cart, but no checkout has been registered.

Next Steps

For even more conversion, the CleverPush Team JeansDirect recommended the use of discount codes in the messages, and further notifications would logically increase the conversion even further.

The personalization of the follow-up messages would be a further lever to address the user more specifically (“Hello Max, we found another Levi’s jeans in your shopping cart!”) And thus get even better click rates on the follow-up messages .

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