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  • Vacation and Travel


  • Development of a traffic source that is suitable for controlling particularly time-critical travel snacks.


  • Constant and consistent click rates
  • Fast construction of a distributor


At the beginning of sparwelt TRAVEL, we faced some major challenges in the beginning. How can we successfully deliver travel to the end customer with a short stay and no large organic traffic? The construction of a significant newsletter distributor seemed to us to be an inappropriate starting point, as we expected a more conservative sign-up rate. We have already dealt with push notifications in advance and knew that the opt-in rate is significantly better than the newsletter. In addition, the workload of a push notification is significantly lower than is the case when creating a newsletter. As a big plus comes the fact that we reach the user with a push notification whenever he is online. Finally, the timing is a particularly critical factor when very cheap travel deals are available, as these are usually sold out quickly.

In sum, push notifications on email & co. bring many benefits, which is why we focused on this CRM channel in the initial stages.

User acquisition

User acquisition is easy with CleverPush. Thanks to the simple setup, the first leads can be collected within a few minutes. We have decided that the website visitor will see the notification after 5 seconds. With this setting, we achieve an opt-in rate of about 23%. Even with a low organic range, we were able to build in a short time a super high-performance channel, which was already in the four-digit range after a few weeks.

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With sparwelt REISEN we mainly use push notifications to send very time-critical travel snacks. These are very cheap and high-quality travel deals, for which there are only a few remaining places. Since the creation of an e-mail takes much too long for this, the push notification in the final communication with the customer is by far our most important tool.

From the beginning, push notifications have proven to be a very powerful and consistent traffic channel. On average, the click rates have settled at about 12%, which we are very satisfied.

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