Machine Learning

Optimize your demographic – with the CleverPush A.I.! Activate the sophisticated artificial intelligence with one click let the users be segmented automatically.

Cleverly segmented

CleverPush has something special for you: our very own A.I.! The smart program takes care of the users being automatically segmented, based on their interests. That way, they only receive messages which are truly important to them.

One more brain in the think tank

The sophisticated artificial intelligence can be activated with only one click. Especially publishers with a lot of content will highly enjoy this function, because of the segmentation, the interactions multiply, while at the same time, the Opt-Out rates decline. Leave it to our A.I. to gain more users and inviting them to stay.

Success proves us right

Our customers are happy: thanks to our AI, company X was able to increase its click and opt-in rates by X & within X days – without any additional effort.

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