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How to make money with your website

Turning a website into a valuable asset that generates passive income is not a myth. In fact, with a little luck and hard work, virtually anyone can turn their website into a money making machine. Monetizing websites is a dream come true for entrepreneurs. It enables you to earn passive income without spending too much […]

The best time of day to send push notifications

Time is such an important component in marketing. Still, we tend to get the right message at the wrong time. Not only does this frustrate users, but it also reduces the likelihood of completing a sale. It’s always about getting the timing right. You have to get it right to stay in the game. Read […]

5 Practical Ways to Grow Your Push Notification Subscribers

Push notifications play an important role in a successful mobile app marketing strategy. They can help you increase engagement, reduce churn, and turn inactive users into loyal paying customers. One of the advantages of push notifications is that they don’t require contact information from users. CTRs (click-through rates) are twice as high as emails. Plus, […]

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