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How can I give other people access to my channels?

This is what our team feature is for. It can be found under Settings » Teams. Create a new team there and select the channels you want to share. Now you have the possibility to enter the e-mail address of the desired user. The user will then receive an invitation by e-mail, if he/she does […]

Creating follow-up campaigns in CleverPush

Follow-up or Drip campaigns can be used in many different areas for the intelligent automated sending of notifications. We will show the creation of a campaign using the example of abandoned shopping cart notifications (so-called “abandoned cart notifications”). To do this, first select your channel in the “Channels” menu item and then click on the […]

How can I set my own FCM data (Firebase Cloud Messaging)?

1. Open and log in with your Google Account. 2. Now click on the blue Add project button. 3. Select a project name and a country. Then click Create project. 4. In the top left corner of your newly created project, click the gearwheel and then click Project Settings. 5. Select the Cloud Messaging […]

How can my visitors unsubscribe from notifications?

It’s easy, but it’s a bit different from browser to browser. We would recommend that you link our custom-created FAQ article anywhere on your page (e.g. in the privacy policy).

Customize Notification Bell

With CleverPush you have the possibility to insert a notification bell at the bottom of the screen. On the one hand, this can serve as an opt-in button, and for already registered participants, a panel opens when clicked. In the panel, which opens with registered users with a click on the bell, the subscriber can […]

How to connect CleverPush with Adjust

This can be completed in a few simple steps.   1. Attribute Setup: Create Adjust attributes in the CleverPush channel settings under Segmentation -> Attributes   2. SDK Setup We want to save the Adjust Attribution data into the CleverPush Attributes.   2.1 iOS SDK Setup Please refer to the Adjust docs on how Attribution […]

How can I use my own domain?

For this you need a website that can only be accessed via HTTPS. Displaying the confirmation message about your own domain has many advantages: Sent notifications run entirely through their domain, the user does not see a CleverPush subdomain Higher opt-in rates, as users need less clicks Please note that previously collected subscribers can not […]

How can I set up HMS (Huawei Mobile Services)?

So that Android push notifications can continue to be sent to the new Huawei devices, HMS must be set up.   Steps: 1. Register Huawai Developer Account 2. Create App at Huawai AppGallery Connect 3. Enable PushKit for the created App 4. Save HMS data at CleverPush. The necessary data (App ID + Secret) can be […]

How do I implement notifications for Safari?

Using Safari you will have to manually create a certificate and upload it here. This can be done within 5 minutes, however, a fee-based Apple Developer Account will be required for that (approx. 99 USD per year). Unfortunately due to technical reasons we cannot run all channels on our account. How to proceed with an […]

Technical implementation of CleverPush in Websites

These instructions are aimed at websites with HTTPS encryption.   Requirements – if not already done: Create a user account at After logging in, create a channel with the type “Website”   Implementation Please navigate to Channels -> (select channel) in your CleverPush back office. There you will find the operation mode setting. Set […]

Which browsers does CleverPush support?

The following browsers currently support push notifications: Google Chrome (Desktop, Android) Mozilla Firefox (Desktop, Android) Safari (desktop) Opera (Desktop, Android) Samsung Internet (Android) UCWeb (Android) Microsoft Edge (Desktop) Vivaldi and other Chromium based browsers (Desktop, Android)   We also support iOS, Android, Cordova & React Native in native mobile applications (more here).

Setup AMP Web Push

If you use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for your site, and really only then, we will show you in this guide how you still do not have to do without web push notifications. You can also get push entries from AMP users. 3 steps are necessary for this.   1. Embed Web Push Script Include […]

Test App Push notifications

In CleverPush you can mark individual devices as Test Devices and send Test Push Notifications to all of them or only to a single device. In order to do this, please open the desired Channel in your CleverPush backend and click on “App Push” platform. Now scroll to the very bottom left and open the […]

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