Shopify Push Notifications

The most important thing about Shopify’s features.

How push messages work

While browsing through the Shopify Store, the potential customer receives an opt-in query for push notifications, and CleverPush offers a wide variety of customization options for this query to perfectly fit into the design of your store. With just one click, the customer can now subscribe as a push subscriber.

Step by step to the purchase

As soon as the user puts an item into the shopping cart, a follow-up campaign can be started in the background automatically, which can be set up in CleverPush in just a few clicks. That way, the push notifications make sure that the user finishes the purchase. Not only is this option much more successful than e-mails, but the individual product data can also be dynamically reused in the follow-up messages.


promotion of promotions

Sale promotions are also very easy to distribute via the Web Push channel, the best part of which is that you do not pay as per advertisement per click, but per subscriber, so you can send messages to your subscribers as often as you like.

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