Telegram Messenger

The current chat hit: No matter if privatly or in groups, you are always up to date with Telegram, on the computer as well as with the smartphone.

More range, more proximity

With Telegram Messenger, you can reach iOS users as well as Web Push unsupported Web Push browers – on several devices at the same time! Contact the user via 1on1 communication and show your honest interest and close proximity in that way.

Steady grow in popularity

Telegram Messenger has become a true user favorite over the last few years. With more than 200 Million active users, it has become a strong competitor to Facebook Messenger – and a good addition at the same time!

Practical and flexible

Group chats or private messages, Telegram Messenger is perfect for both, no matter if during free time or working hours. Optimizing the settings for individual preference is also delightfully easy.

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