App Push

Push for smartphone: effective, practical, classic. The App notifications guarantee immediate interactions, no matter where the user might be.

Push notifications in your app

The deployment of push notifications is still quite underrated with a lot of apps. Thanks to the native SDKs for iOS, Android and Cordova, CleverPush offers the easiest solution for the integration of push notifications in your app.

Many possibilities

Cleverpush makes several scenarios for push notifications of your app possible. No matter if channel wide messages to all subscribers or personalized notifications, optimized for the individual user’s interests – anything goes!

App Push vs. Web Push

Web Push obviously benefits from not having to install the app. The user can simply use the browser to sign in. But the app itself strengthens the trust factor of notifications, because the name of the app is always visible.

No need to choose

In conclusion, you don’t have to decide on one path only. When operated correctly, apps are able to generate more performance than Web Push! We suggest to take advantage of both platforms – the future belongs to both of them, as they offer individual benefits each.

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