Explore geo-targeting, platform targeting, tagging, and many more with CleverPush.

Segmentation and Targeting

Explore geo-targeting, platform targeting, tagging, and many more ways with CleverPush.


CleverPush offers agencies and major publishers ideal solutions with team accounts.


Find out everything about customer support via live chat.

Shopify Push Notifications

The most important thing about Shopify’s features.

Opera Push Notifications

Push settings for the Opera browser quickly explained.

Edge Push Notifications

Receive push notifications in Edge? Here is a little guide.

Safari Push Notifications

A simple guide to Safari Push Settings.

Firefox Push Notifications

Push settings for Mozilla Firefox explained quickly.

Chrome Push Notifications

Push settings for Google Chrome simply explained.

Web Banner

With an impressive notification banner, your website is going to be a real eye catcher for established and potential users. We can help you to create the perfect banner for your goals.

In-App Banner

Visually catchy: in-app banners provide variety and increase user loyalty.

URL Shortener

No more cumbersome collections of characters: URL shorteners ensure more traffic and impress with their pleasant brevity.


Connect your own systems to CleverPush via our RESTful API interface. You are also welcome to use our Javascript SDK to ensure seamless integration into existing functions. In addition to our Javascript integration, we offer native SDKs for iOS, Android and Cordova.

Feed to Push

Send automated Push notifications with the help of our Feed to Push function. Classic RSS- as well as Facebook Feeds are supported. Also, you can simply type in the URL of your facebook page, to send an automated Push notifications with each new facebook post.

Machine Learning

Optimize your demographic – with the CleverPush A.I.! Activate the sophisticated artificial intelligence with one click let the users be segmented automatically.

Follow Up Campaigns

With our Follow-Up System, you can send Push notifications which build upon another, for maximum conversion. No matter if you want to guide your subscribers through a sales funnel or a drip campaign, we’ve got the right tool for you.

Split Testing

Optimal campaign results with automated Split-Testing: define two different versions of a push notification and send them to a definable percentage of your subscribers. As an option, the better converted notification can also be send to the remaining subscribers after 30 minutes.

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