Notifications for the users with specific interests: not only do we guarantee for fitting interest filtering, we also make sure that the readers always stay on board for the content they individually prefer.

Cleverly segmented

Upon signing up, the user himself can decide about which topics he wants to be informed. This way, he only gets notifications which apply to his interests. Also, the higher the relevance, the higher the chance of users coming back multiple times a day.

Gaining subscribers

Only after a few pageviews, the confirmation message for the notifications appears. That way, we are making sure that truly interested users only are getting the message.

Filter's key

Dadurch, dass die Interessen der Benutzer bereits vorher gut gefiltert wurden, kommt es zu niedrigeren Austragungsraten. Zudem entstehen gute Klickzahlen vor allem durch engagierte und interessierte Abonnenten.

Because users have already been filtered beforehand, the discharge rates are much lower. Very good click rates from invested users with great interest are another factor of success.

Satifaction leads to durability

Trotz mehrmaliger Nachrichten am Tag gibt es hohe Klickzahlen. Die Menge an wiederkehrenden Nutzern wird gesteigert und der Traffic maximiert. Dadurch, dass sie nur Benachrichtigungen erhalten, die ihren Interessen entsprechen, bleiben die Nutzer gern.

Even though multiple messages appear daily, the click rates are high. The number of returning users grows, as well as the traffic. The users are happy to stay because they only get notifications which are solely based on their interests.

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