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Always in the lead

As an aspiring marketing channel, Web Push generates much higher click rates than e-mail in may cases. Transactional push messages convert especially well because of the personalization.

The personal touch

If the data is avaiable, first names can be used as place holders within the messages. That way, they reach a higher level of personalization.


Signing on or cancelling push notifications can be done with just a few clicks. The process itself is the key here: not only are there many users, they also want to placed in the right box.


App/Web Push

Especially in the native apps, push messages are one of the big factors of success, but CleverPush also has proven itself on desktop. The app notifications are simply a bit more generic than the onces from Web Push.

Example 1: Generating Leads

Some of our customers are using CleverPush for online contests. The user can sign up via push notifications. Now, messages are sent for marketing purposes and always keep the user up to date.



Example 2: immonet

Push notifications help user to find their dream home on Immonet.de. The browser messages are similarly built and inform about real estates as briefly as possible, while also encouraging clicks with matching pictures.

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