Stock market reports, the best insurance or financial matters: no matter what the user is looking for, we have the ways to assist him.

Market in your pocket

Never miss top news from the financial world: Push notifications always inform the user about the most current share prices, stock market reports and give them daily summaries.

The thumb does the sharing

The users want to be kept up to date about specific shares? That function is also provided. The latest news about states, drops or rises will be sent out immediatly.


Stock market is ringing

Never miss news from the market again, thanks to push notifications. Those make sure that the user is always informed, thanks to quick overviews, analyzes and dependable timing.

On the safe side

The user is also kept up to date about mortgage financing and insurance. Comparison portals know, that the user wants and needs – and thanks to push notifications, the user is always informed about offers.

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