Find out everything about customer support via live chat.

Always ready

We also offer another function: customer support via live chat! Here, users can contact an employee at any time if they have any questions or problems. Those savvy colleagues, who have been assigned the tickets, will do their best to help.

Immediately visible support

With us, the user is not on hold: as soon as there is an answer to their question, they will be notified via push notification. Thsi takes place via a channel chosen by the customer, for example App Push or Web Push, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

Our support for your support

The customer does not have to limit himself to the apps or messengers we already mentioned here, of course. We offer a support widget that can be used for the customer’s own website or app. In this way, the user always has an eye on who he is interacting with and the connection between him and the company becomes even more solid and personal.

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