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How Heilpraxisnet, as a specialist portal, reaches many users through constant notifications

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As a young specialist portal for naturopathy, push messages for traffic generation are a great marketing tool. CleverPush convinced primarily with the German server location.

User Acquisition

The confirmation message for the registration for the notifications will only appear at Heilpraxisnet after more than 30 seconds. This ensures that only users interested in specialist knowledge receive the message.


Through a wide selection of articles on Naturopathy & Naturopathic treatment allows the portal to send the latest and already relevant articles to subscribers via push messages.

Relevant articles are selected manually and sent to subscribers a maximum of once a day to minimize casting rates.

CleverPush can do all this through the Feed setting by providing an RSS feed, which is automatically retrieved by CleverPush. When a new article appears in the feed, it is then packaged as a push message and sent to the users.

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