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Finding the dream property has never been so easy – thanks to push notifications in the native apps and on



As is well known, real estate portals such as can inform you about new search results via e-mail. This is a very convenient way for those looking for a potential new dream apartment to find. Web push notifications have established themselves as an alternative channel for the web portals at and now also offer significant added value for searchers in the web browser. uses push notifications in the native apps as well as on

A close cooperation between the operator of, Immowelt Hamburg GmbH, and CleverPush enabled rapid integration into existing systems. Since then, notifications have been sent automatically by CleverPush on a daily basis – and the trend is rising.


With an average click rate of 8%, generates additional traffic through push messages and was able to increase engagement. The main focus is on the added value for the searcher. They do not have to provide an email address and can still be informed about the current results of their property search, completely anonymously.

Web Push is an emerging marketing channel and in many cases generates higher click rates than email. Transactional push messages convert particularly well due to the personalization. If the data is available, placeholders such as the first name can also be used within the message in order to achieve an even higher degree of personalization.


The opt-in process at involves several steps. Via the blue “Receive new offers” button on the search page, you can open an overlay, which you can then use to register for push notifications.


Web push opt-in at

A deregistration can be done later in the browser settings with just a few clicks.

With web push, the registration process is one of the decisive factors that determines failure or success. As many users as possible should be picked up here, but they should still be pushed into the right drawer. has solved this process very well with completely personalized messages that are sent via the CleverPush API.


The browser messages are always structured in the same way and aim to inform the searcher about the property in question as briefly as possible and of course to encourage them to click with images if the results match.

Notifications at


In the native Immonet apps in particular, push messages are the success factor for the apps. As on the desktop, new search results are sent as a notification so that the user does not miss a new advertisement and is always up to date.


The opt-in for iOS is initiated by default when the app is started for the first time. No opt-in is required for Android, as the authorization to receive push messages is activated by default for apps downloaded from the Play Store.


The app notifications are a bit more generic than with the web push. The user learns the number of new search results and can go back to the search from there.

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