Case study


How Monsterzeug creates an X5 ROI through automated push campaigns

Revenue increase


Monsterzeug is an online shop that has made a name for itself with funny and unusual gift ideas. From birthday gifts for your partner to your own front yard roller coaster – there is actually nothing that does not have monster stuff in its product repertoire.

Recover abandoned carts

Abandoned carts are a big problem in e-commerce. Push messages are very well suited as a means of reminding potential customers of the almost completed purchase.

Monster stuff uses CleverPush’s follow-up campaigns for this. As soon as a subscriber has placed an item in the shopping cart and does not complete the purchase within 30 minutes, the first push notification is sent to the device.

The name and URL of the product are sent to CleverPush via the follow-up code so that they can be used as placeholders in the reminder message. This has the title “Still in your shopping cart: {productName}”, where {productName} is automatically replaced with the name of the product.

This function alone achieves an ROI of 5x.

As soon as the customer lands on the order confirmation page, the campaign is automatically canceled so that the customer does not receive any further follow-up messages.

Follow up campaigns through visits

Monsterzeug also starts a drip campaign for product and category visits, which, like the shopping cart abandonment campaign, sends the customer back to the product page. This campaign will be canceled as soon as the shopping cart abandonment campaign starts, so that customers do not receive irrelevant push notifications.

Product news automated via feed

In addition to the follow-up campaigns, CleverPush can also automatically send push messages, for example, by connecting RSS or social feeds.
Monster stuff uses an RSS feed to automatically send product news to all push subscribers.

Multi domain channel

The push subscriptions are collected in a push channel on and CleverPush automatically detects if a subscription already exists on one of the two domains and thus prevents double opt-ins.

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