Automating Customer Interaction via Push Messages

Even when it comes to online marketing and social media, everything now revolves around customer loyalty and interaction with customers. People from all over the world use special platforms to exchange ideas with like-minded people (and brands). That’s why a lot has changed, especially in the area of ​​marketing. A few years ago, marketing was […]

Even when it comes to online marketing and social media, everything now revolves around customer loyalty and interaction with customers. People from all over the world use special platforms to exchange ideas with like-minded people (and brands). That’s why a lot has changed, especially in the area of ​​marketing. A few years ago, marketing was still pretty much a one-way street. A single message was sent to the general public. These were, for example, advertisements in newspapers or magazines, or commercials on television. This type of marketing still exists today, but it is slowly but surely becoming less important. Because fewer and fewer people feel like it truly speaks to them. To be successful as a brand these days, you have to deal with your target group and ensure interaction. That sounds simple, but it’s not that easy to implement.


Customer loyalty

Interacting with customers is no easy task because it has many faces. A lot of this revolves around interacting with customers and trying to maintain a good reputation. Plainly said, this means that you react accordingly to negative comments and repost positive customer reviews. All of this is of course very important, but that is by no means all. For successful customer loyalty, it is also important to conduct personalized marketing. In this way, you can achieve that the customer can identify with a brand whose products he has used or bought. With this type of customer loyalty you can not only increase your sales, but also ensure that the customer remains loyal to this brand and will buy there again in the future. Everyone is probably aware of how important regular customers are to a company. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to create an individual marketing campaign for every single customer or prospect. That would be impossible. You can also easily automate this process. Automatic advertising campaigns tailored to the individual customer via push messages? It actually works! These 5 tips will help you:


Observe the behavior of your customers

Customers have tons of options these days. From a multitude of offers, they not only have to choose a certain brand, but also a certain product. That’s why it’s your job to make sure that your customers remember your brand and that they keep buying from you and not from the competition. This works best if you create a push notification campaign that sends your customers purchase recommendations that are tailored to the behavior of your customers. It works like this, for example: You create a campaign for users who click on a certain product of yours (for example “Fitness Tracker 200”). As soon as they leave your site, they receive a message on their smartphone with the relevant information about the product. So they may be encouraged to buy after all. Drip marketing can also help you to increase your sales and to retain customers. After they have received your message with product information or customer reviews, etc., you can also go a step further and, for example, send them a discount code. This is also how you get some interested parties to ultimately buy from you.


Put your focus on “forgotten” shopping carts

Shopping carts forgotten or abandoned by customers are of course also a great way to win new customers. Two thirds of all (potential) customers fill their shopping carts, but then do not make the purchase. That is reason enough to create an automated campaign to encourage at least a few of these customers to check out with the full shopping cart.

You can also easily create an automated push message for this. This means that each of your subscribers who have “left” the shopping cart for a certain period of time receives a message to encourage them to buy. How long you want to wait to alert your customers to the abandoned cart is entirely up to you. Any online shop that wants to increase its sales figures and retain customers should not do without it. If a mere reminder push message does not bring you much success, you can also send a discount code or inform the customer via push message that only a limited number of the desired product is available.


Stay in touch with your customers even after shopping

Even if you’ve got a customer to go to the checkout with their abandoned shopping cart and complete the purchase, your work is far from over. Even after the purchase, you should stay in contact with the customer and provide him with information about shipping, etc. You can also easily automate this and, for example, send your customers a push message as soon as the goods are on their way to them. Your customers will appreciate it if you let them know about all the important steps and keep them informed about any delivery delays. It also makes you seem a lot more trustworthy. Your customers will keep you in positive memory and will likely buy from you again. Put yourself in their shoes. If you don’t get any notifications and don’t even know if or when your delivery will arrive, you will probably prefer to shop elsewhere next time. Especially when there were delivery delays or other problems. A negative experience stays in the memory of every customer.


Reward your regular customers

Who of us doesn’t love receiving a reward? By rewarding your most active customers, you can retain them as well. For example, you can develop a special reward program for your most loyal customers to make sure they’ll stay with you in the future.

Here, too, automated push notifications can help you to increase your sales figures and to retain customers permanently. As soon as a customer has made a purchase in your shop, you can include them in your reward program. For example, if you are planning a sale, you can activate it for your reward program customers a day earlier. For example, you can offer certain articles to your regular customers at a special price or generate special discount codes for them. This way you make your customers feel special.


Make life as easy as possible for your customers

If you can make life easier for your customers, the more likely they will stay loyal to you. Sending push notifications to inform them about the current status of their order is just one of many possibilities. If you offer a messenger service in your online shop, you could send your customers a push message as soon as they have a new message. Such messages are of course extremely relevant to your customers. That’s why most of them will click the link and visit your page to learn more. The more helpful information you give your customers and the easier you make their lives, the more likely they are to stay with you.


Final words

In order to have long-term success, the interaction with your customers is of crucial importance. If you want to cater to the individual needs of every single customer and send out individual offers, this can take a lot of time. Time that most of us don’t have. It is therefore important that you automate as many “customized” push notifications as possible. This will save you an enormous amount of time in the future – as the number of customers increases. Just because you automate your push notifications doesn’t mean you don’t care about your customers and their needs. But on the contrary: this means that you have a lot more time to take care of the really important things. For example, you can create more content that can be an asset to your customers. You have more time available to take care of new projects or to expand your range with products your customers want.


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