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Push Marketing is the new Email Marketing
Your advantages over email

Higher Click- and OptIn-rates

Campaign creation in just 60 seconds

Users prefer and accept push messages

Push notifications in Google Chrome
Notifications sent so far


KPI Dashboard

KPI dashboard

Ideal campaign overview with all relevant KPIs for quick processing
A/B Testing

A/B testing

Optimise your push messages for ideal campaign results
Zielgruppen Targeting

Target group definition

Send out customised pushes for your individual target groups
Eigene Bilder für Push Nachrichten

Use your own images

Using your own pictures for push messages creates a direct connection to your website and increases performance
Geplante / Zeitgesteuerte Benachrichtigungen

Planned/scheduled messages

Plan your push messages or send scheduled messages
Follow Up Kampagnen

Follow up campaigns

Send out follow up (drip) push messages for maximum conversion
Feed to Push

Feed to Push

Send automated pushes with the help of our Feed to Push function
Javascript & Rest API

Javascript & REST API

connect yout own systems to CleverPush via REST API
Simple 1-Klick Integration

Simple 1-click integration

Easy integration thanks to plugins for systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

Browser Notifications

With our Clever-Code






Mobile devices

App Notifications

We offer native SDKs




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