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For us, push notifications are an innovative way to get in touch with our target groups. With CleverPush we have a partner at our side whose solutions not only help us to create more awareness among our customers, but also to communicate directly. The notifications are now an integral part of our communication mix.
Sabiene Storga
Manager Online Marketing - vertbaudet


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Case Studies

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How Jeans-Direct wins back many abandoned carts with push messages

How Heilpraxisnet, as a specialist portal, reaches many users through constant notifications

How reaches the right users with Follow-Up campaigns

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CleverPush is not affected bei the Log4j vulnerability

Since a critical security hole in the Java library “Log4j” (Log4Shell) became known, the Internet has been upside down for a few days. Understandably, we have received some inquiries from customers as to whether we are also affected by this loophole. We are glad to announce that CleverPush is not affected by the security vulnerability […]

Advertising in Corona Times: What´s different now?

How much the pandemic has changed can hardly be summed up in one paragraph. But what is completely clear: in the Corona Times, advertising has also changed, in some cases radically. Perceptions are different, regarding to the advertising message itself, the product, the company and the (brand) image in general. What has changed in detail? […]

Neuromarketing and how to use it

What does the customer like and why is he buying? What actually makes him decide a product or a brand? Neuromarketing wants to have the answer to that. And with this the question of what paves the way into the customer’s brain. We will briefly show you what exactly neuromarketing is based on. And how […]

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