Push notifications
for Websites

with an average clickrate of 20%

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Increase Reach, Revenue and User activity of your website now with Push notifications.

Turn visitors into long-term subscribers

With push notifications, you can always lead website visitors back to your website via push messages.

Realtime statistics for optimal campaign control

Get qualified feedback on your campaigns and optimize your push notifications for optimal conversion.

Personalized messages for targeted user response

Target your users with the help of various targeting functions.

More opt-ins and higher conversions to e-mail

With opening rates of up to 80% and average click-throughs of 20%, you'll reach significantly more users than email.

Addressing users without app in the right usage situation

Reach your users with push notifications at just the right time - when they're online and open to your message.

Benefits for Ecommerce Shops

About 70% of online store visitors do not end the buying process and are lost.

Recover with push notifications now potential customers who have not ordered products from your cart.

The CleverPush Follow-Up Campaign feature can even be used to implement multi-level campaigns, so that the customer can first receive a reminder of the unsealed shopping cart, but if he does not respond, he can, after a defined time, enter another Step with a coupon to be moved to buy.

CleverPush supports all major browsers

With CleverPush you can send browser push notifications to all popular browsers.
In addition, CleverPush also offers the possibility to connect native apps.

Browser Notifications

App Notifications






Mobile devices




Push Feature Overview

KPI dashboard

Ideal campaign overview with all relevant KPIs for quick processing

A/B testing

Optimise your push messages for ideal campaign results

Target group definition

Send out customised pushes for your individual target groups

Use your own images

Using your own pictures for push messages creates a direct connection to your website and increases performance

Planned/scheduled messages

Plan your push messages or send scheduled messages

Follow up campaigns

Send out follow up (drip) push messages for maximum conversion

Feed to Push

Send automated pushes with the help of our Feed to Push function

Javascript & REST API

Connect your own systems to CleverPush via our RESTful API

Simple 1-click integration

Easy integration thanks to plugins for systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

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