Test App Push notifications

In CleverPush you can mark individual devices as Test Devices and send Test Push Notifications to all of them or only to a single device.

In order to do this, please open the desired Channel in your CleverPush backend and click on “App Push” platform.

Now scroll to the very bottom left and open the “Subscriptions” page.

Here you find a list of all subscriptions. The most recent subscriptions are at the top. We recommend to re-install your app so a new subscription will be created for your device. You will then find your new device at the very top of the subscription list, after refreshing it.

Open your subscription by clicking on it. Now you can mark your subscription as a Test Subscription with the button on the right.

You can now go the an already created Notification under the “Messages” menu and edit it. Alternatively, you can also go to the “Create new” page and compose a new Notification.

On the right you will find a button to send this Notification to all Test subscriptions.

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