How can I use my own domain?

For this you need a website that can only be accessed via HTTPS.

Displaying the confirmation message about your own domain has many advantages:

  • Sent notifications run entirely through their domain, the user does not see a CleverPush subdomain
  • Higher opt-in rates, as users need less clicks

Please note that previously collected subscribers can not be “transferred” to the new domain. Of course, you will still be able to post messages to them, however, the CleverPush subdomain will continue to appear with these users.

You should also note that a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS should be set up on your site, as it can cause problems with CleverPush in parallel operation.

If your not page is over HTTPS, we can give you the DNS provider CloudFlare, which will provide you with a free HTTPS certificate on your site. If you have any questions about DNS conversion, contact your domain provider / web host.



If your website is using HTTPS, please navigate to CleverPush Backoffice -> Channels -> (Select channel).

You will find the Operation Mode setting there. Set this option to My Domain (HTTPS).

The file cleverpush-worker.js can be downloaded now by clicking the button.

The file must now be placed in the root directory of your web server. So it should be reachable at

Note: If you do not have the option to put the file in the main directory of your web page, you can set your own file paths under the operating mode setting.

This completes setting up your own domain on CleverPush.

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