Creating follow-up campaigns in CleverPush

Follow-up or Drip campaigns can be used in many different areas for the intelligent automated sending of notifications.

We will show the creation of a campaign using the example of abandoned shopping cart notifications (so-called “abandoned cart notifications”).

To do this, first select your channel in the “Channels” menu item and then click on the “Follow-Up Campaigns” tab in the menu on the left. Then you can create a new campaign via the green button.

You can now give your campaign a meaningful name and select the “trigger”. The trigger determines when a user enters the campaign. On the one hand, this can be the opt-in, ie the time of entry – but also an event that can be triggered via a tracking code.

The latter we will use for our example of shopping basket cancel notifications. As trigger event we choose “addToCart”. The crash event is very helpful as it allows us to stop the campaign with a user. In our case, we choose the event name “checkout”, which we will trigger later in a completed order process. Thus, no further notifications will be sent to the user when he has completed his order process correctly.

The notifications are arranged in time, you have the option to send a message after X days at XY clock, or directly XY minutes after the trigger or after the last notification. Also variables can be used, which can be sent along with the tracking code of the trigger event.

A variable is always written between curly braces and can be used in any field of the notification. The variable name is completely freely selectable. For example, you can include the productName variable with your {productName} in your notifications.

Then we save the campaign below. Now we can see the event tracking codes.

The codes can be installed on every page, where the normal CleverPush code is installed. Whether the code is included before or after the CleverPush Opt-In Code is not important.

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