How to use the CleverPush WordPress Plugin

In this short guide we will introduce you to the integration of the CleverPush WordPress plugin.


Step 1: Install the WordPress plugin

Navigate to “Plugins -> Install” in WordPress

Then enter “CleverPush” in the search at the top right. Install and activate the CleverPush plugin.


Step 2: Enter API data

Then navigate in WordPress to “Settings -> CleverPush”

Enter the API access data, which can be found in the CleverPush Backoffice under Settings -> API and save them.

Then select the desired channel from the drop-down menu and save again.

When new posts are published, you can now also send push notifications via the sidebar with a click on the right.


Step 3: Place files

f your website runs over HTTPS, please navigate to Channels -> (select channel) in your CleverPush back office.

There you will find the operating mode setting. Set this option to Own Domain (HTTPS).

The cleverpush-worker.js file can then be downloaded by clicking on the button.

This file must now be placed in the main directory of your web server. So it should be available at


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