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UX: The great Importance of a positive User Experience

This is nothing new: The UX, or user experience, is a great asset. A handshake is not enough to ensure that the provider’s website shows exactly what the visitor expects. And that it provides a correspondingly good UX. The user experience results from aspects such as good design, usability and, ultimately, the awakening of positive […]

This is nothing new: The UX, or user experience, is a great asset. A handshake is not enough to ensure that the provider’s website shows exactly what the visitor expects. And that it provides a correspondingly good UX. The user experience results from aspects such as good design, usability and, ultimately, the awakening of positive emotions.
Like so many things that satisfy (future) customers, the commitment for a positive user experience is extremely rewarding. The UX contributes to the positive perception of the product or page – as well as to the perception of your company as a whole. And that ensures the most important thing: good and lasting sales.
We’ll show you how to successfully increase the UX in your online presence.

What does UX mean?

You can call user experience an umbrella term. Because it is not limited to a momentum, but covers the entire course of the Customer Journey. In fact, from awareness to after-sale and advocacy.
The user experience is mainly used into the online area, but of course also extends to the “offline” world. Every experience of the customer with a company, service and / or product, whether digital or physical, therefore belongs to UX.

Our focus here should be on the online UX.

What role does Usability play?

Usability and UX are still often treated as the same. Which is not right, but also not entirely wrong. After all, the two are as closely related as possible: Usability is an (important!) Part of the user experience.

Aims of Usability

Its focus is on designing a page or app in such a way that the intended target group can find their way there as quickly and easily as possible. For
the right UX design the age of the target group, e.g., plays a key role, such as level of knowledge or frequency of use. Particularly important:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Clarity
  • Short loading times
  • Correct display of the page on every device

The UX as a Collective Term

Simply put, the UX is an overall result from these parameters:

  • Utility: The site / product is useful. An entertaining / informative or similar value is in prospect.
  • Usability: </ strong> The site / product is quickly self-explanatory and easy to use
  • Desirability: Page / product is appealing. The user wants to buy / subscribe / book, etc.
  • Brand Experience: “Triad” – overall impression of the brand / product / website.

And this is how you achieve a good User Experience

As already mentioned, usability plays the most important role in “online UX”. Therefore you will retrieve some of the underlying principles in the following points.

Good Design

Studies have shown a tendency of users to always follow the same direction of view . They could be characterized as an F , sometimes as an E . The view goes from top left to right, just like when reading a text. Then the view moves back up to go down.
So add the relevant information precisely at these key points. This makes it easier for the user to find their way around your site immediately.

Menu Navigation

A point of design that follows the practical aspect. Make sure that the menu is always accessible and, above all, clearly visible to the user. Either through breadcrumps or, if he has to scroll a long way, sticky content, which takes him back to the main menu with one click.

Unified Tonality and compelling CD

When it comes to tonality, pay attention to the expectations of your target group. How does they want to be addressed? Objective or casual way of addressing? B2B- or B2C-communication?
Also ensure a uniform and clear typeface, additional an appealing selection of key visuals, colors, etc. Have you changed your logo and / or font as part of a relaunch? Ensure that the old version(s) have been replaced everywhere. Strictly adhere to the specifications of the corporate design on every page. Only if the user recognizes you on every page, he gains the desired positive impression of your professionalism.

Avoid 404 Pages as good if possible

Indeed, the emphasis is on “if possible,” because 404 errors are as inevitable as bad weather. But they shouldn’t come with the same frequency.
In case of an error page, apologize and offer alternative content. That sounds a little boring. But with these examples you can see how charming, creative and funny you can implement such a site. And even promote positive UX.

Don’t overload with CTA

When you want to monetize your website , it is tempting to incorporate many call to action-options. Or to provide advertising space for other companies. Since the users are used to it, they wouldn´t penalise with immediate churn.
As with anything, the dose is crucial. Use CTAs, advertorials, pop-ups & Co. such as hints or assistance: Visible but unobtrusive. Consistent with your CI and your communication goal.

Push Messages support positive UX

If your site picks up the user as he expects, he is open for Updates by email or push message . Since more and more pages are accessed via mobile devices, the opt-ins are also granted here.
This is your chance to reach the lead won via a modern and flexible communication channel: push messages.
Push notifications do not simply counteract the weaknesses of email delivery. They have even more direct advantages. Only a few of which are briefly listed here:

Conclusion: With the agile push messages you reliably achieve an immediate increase in positive UX.

What other advantages are there, what exactly do they look like and how do they support UX? Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you .

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